Research Services

If you require information from the SGS, we ask that you make a detailed request in writing or by e-mail so that we have a clear understanding of your requirements.

Please note, it takes as long to do an unsuccessful search as a successful search. Your chances for a successful search may depend upon how accurately you are able to describe the search you wish to have done.

  • No refunds for entries not found. 

  • ALL RESEARCH RESULTS will be e-mailed. Provide a valid e-mail address.
  • All research policies are subject to change.

  • PAPER COPIES will be sent on request only. Additional fee of $7.00 will be charged for processing and postage.

  • Non-Canadian residents – fees are payable in US FUNDS ONLY or contact us for fees applicable to your country.  We only accept US cheques or US Postal Service International Money Orders.  

  • Payment by Visa or Master Card accepted (pay as you go cards are not accepted).

  • Researches paid by cheque will not be processed until cheque has cleared through the bank. Researches paid by cash, money order or credit card will be processed and started immediately.

  • Researches are done in chronological order and  can take up to 6 weeks.  Depending on the volume and information required for researches, some researches may extend beyond the 6 week time frame.


Click on link for a list of RESEARCH SERVICES OFFERED BY SGS

Research Request Form.  Please include a copy of this form with your research request(s).

Contact by e-mail:  SGS Office.

Mailing address:

Saskatchewan Genealogical Society (SGS)
PO Box 1894
Regina   SK   S4P 3E1