Used Books For Sale

The following used books are for sale.   Prices do not include shipping and handling.  Contact SGS office, let us know which ones you are interested in and we will get back to you with the cost for shipping and handling.

Please note that all prices are subject to change without notice.

Self Publishing in Canada: A complete guide to designing, printing and selling your book by Suzanne Anderson $13.00
Regina from Pile O’Bones to Queen City of the Plains: An Illustrated History $5.00
Canadian Railway Records: A Guide for Genealogists by Althea Douglas & J. Creighton Douglas $2.00
Land and Property Research in the United States by E. Wade Hone $20.00
Organizing Your Family History Search by Sharon DeBartolo Carmack $10.00
Unpuzzling Your Past: A Basic Guide to Genealogy, 3rd Ed. By Emily Anne Croom $10.00
Tools of the Trade for Canadian Genealogy by Althea Douglas $2.00
Map Guide to the US Federal Censuses, 1790-1920 by William Thorndale & William Dollarhide $12.00
Genealogical Standards of Evidence by Brenda Dougall Merriman $8.00
The Homesteaders by Sandra Rollings-Magnusson $15.00
1881 British Census & National Index (fiche) $10.00
A Member of a Distinguished Family: The Polish Group in Canada by Henry Radecki $3.00
A Tale of Two Families $2.00
Army Records for Family Historians $2.00
A-Z Guide to Tracing Ancestors in Britain $1.00
AZ Manchester Street Atlas $2.00
Bedford County Pennsylvania Archives, Volume 1 $3.00
Births, marriages & Deaths on the Web $2.00
Bridging Brenda:  The History of Brenda Municipality and Area, Volume 1 & 2 $70.00
Golden Jubilee: Archdiocese of Regina 1911-1961 by Rev. Frank Gerein $10.00
Grosse Ile Gateway to Canada $5.00
Guide to Historic Sites & Points of Interest .50¢
Historic Drummon Hill Cemetery Transcriptions with Additional References (Welland County, Ontario) $5.00
History of the County of Pictou Nova Scotia by Rev. George Patterson D. D. $3.00
Index to the 1871 Census of Ontario: Lanark $3.00
Index to the 1871 Census of Ontario: Leeds, Grenville $3.00
Inventory of Cemeteries in Ontario $5.00
Iron Spirits $1.00
Land I Can Own $3.00
Londoners’ Occupations: A Genealogical Guide, 2nd edition by Stuart A. Raymond $10.00
Military Service Recognition $1.00
My Ancestors were Londoners (2 copies) .50¢
Norwegian for Travellers $1.00
Ontario Register – Volume 5 $3.00
Ontario Register – Volume 6 and 7 $4.00/set
Pioneer Sketches of Long Point Settlement by E. A. Owen $10.00
Pioneers of Vision $2.00
Potter’s Field Cemetery 1826-1855 by Elizabeth Hancocks (York County, Ontario) $3.00
Prairie Trails Along the Pintos: Stories gathered and compiled by M. E. Dixon $2.00
Prerogative Court of Canterbury Wills and Other Probate Records by Miriam Scott $5.00
Registers 1821-1869 St. Andrew’s Presbyterian Church Kingston, Ontario $5.00
Revenge of the Land: A Century of Greed, Tragedy, and Murder on a Saskatchewan Farm $3.00
Second Stages in Researching Welsh Ancestry by John & Sheila Rowlands $5.00
The Canadian Genealogical Handbook $1.00
The History of the Metis of Willow Bunch by Ron Rivard and Catherine Littlejohn $20.00
The Hugeunots by Samuel Smiles $3.00
The Loyalists in Ontario: The Sons and Daughters of the American Loyalists of Upper Canada by William D. Reid $8.00
The Reflections of John D. Harkness $1.00
To Build a Cairn: A Lasting Reminder of the Loyalist Presence in our Province and our Country $10.00
Toil & Trouble (2 books) $1.00/set
A “Tower of Attractions” An Illustrated History of Government House, Regina, Saskatchewan by Margaret Hryniuk & Garth Pugh $20.00
Ukraine: A Historical Atlas by Paul Robert Magosci $25.00