Volunteer Opportunities with SGS

Are you looking for a volunteer opportunity?

Saskatchewan Genealogical Society is looking for volunteers to help with the following programs:


SGS has numerous obituaries prior to 2002 that need to be added to our obituary file. These will be scanned and indexed at a later date.  Can be done by anyone and needs to be done in our library.

Obituaries after 2002– data entry and proof readers required.  Data is entered onto a Excel spreadsheet.


Indexing – We need volunteers to index items for the SRI.  Items include local history books, yearbooks, maps and more.  Sources located in our library can be done from your home.  Otherwise work needs to be done at the facility that has the source.  An indexing manual with instructions will be provided.

Proofreaders – Volunteers are also needed  to proofread indexed material. The source materials are located at the Prairie History Room, the Saskatchewan Archives Board, Frances Morrison Library, Legislative Library or the SGS Library.  Sources from the SGS Library will be loaned to you for proofreading.  A manual will be provided with instructions.

– SGS needs a volunteer coordinator for the SRI program. The coordinator:

  • co-ordinates with the Executive Assistant
  • maintains a record of recorded and non­-recorded documents
  • seeks and co-ordinates volunteers for the program
  • liaises between SGS and program volunteers
  • promotes the SRI program; and
  • develops contacts with local authorities as necessary
  • provides an update for the Annual Report.

This role can be fulfilled from home or the SGS library and the time requirement may vary according to your availability.

– Database management experience is required for this role.  Responsibilities include:

  • verify data
  • emailing a proof readers printout to Executive Assistant
  • completing a final check after corrections have been completed
  • placing corrected data into SRI Master file
  • replacing existing data with new data on the SRI database, and
  • retaining backups of the SRI database.

This role can be fulfilled from home.


This project was started many years ago and volunteers completed the Regina Leader for the births, deaths and marriages from 1883 to 1916 and the Saskatchewan World War 1 Casualties from 1914-1920.  All have been published.  The newspapers can be accessed online at Google News.   Volunteers required to read/print pages.  This can be done from home with internet access.   

PROJECT CO-ORDINATOR – SGS needs a volunteer to co-ordinate this project. The person would:

  • co-ordinate with the Executive Assistant
  • maintain a record of recorded and non­-recorded documents
  • recruit and co-ordinate volunteers for the program
  • liaise between SGS and program volunteers
  • promote the Regina Newspaper Project, and
  • provide an update for the Annual Report.

This volunteer role can be fulfilled from home or the SGS library.  Time requirement is up to the volunteer.


Recorders – Volunteers are required to update cemeteries that were previously recorded as well as record cemeteries that have not been recorded.  Recording forms and easy to follow instructions are available.

Volunteer Form

For more information on these or other volunteer opportunities, please contact the SGS office at: saskgenealogy@sasktel.net.