Volunteer Opportunities

Are you looking for a volunteer opportunity ?

Saskatchewan Genealogical Society is looking for volunteers to help with the following programs:


  • SGS has numerous obituaries that need to be checked and added to our collection.  Work needs to be done in our library.


Indexing – Volunteers required to index items for the SRI.  Items include local history books, cemeteries, yearbooks and more.

Proofreaders – SGS requires volunteers who could proofread indexed material. The source materials are located at the Prairie History Room, the Saskatchewan Archives Board, Frances Morrison Library, Legislative Library or the SGS Library.

Data Entry – Volunteers are required to correct data once it has been proofed.

 – SGS requires a coordinator for the SRI program. The coordinator’s responsibilities

  • Working with the Executive Assistant
  • Maintain a record of recorded and non-recorded documents
  • Solicit volunteers for the program
  • Liaise between SGS and program volunteers
  • Promote the SRI program
  • Develop contacts with local authorities
  • Promote Saskatchewan Lotteries

Assistant SRI Data Collector – This position will assist the Master SRI Data Collector with the following duties:

  • Experience in database maintenance and Internet usage
  • Verify the data received for database integrity
  • Print a proof readers printout
  • Complete a final check after corrections have been completed
  • Place corrected data onto SRI Master file
  • Replace existing data with the now final data on the SRI database
  • Retain backups of the SRI database

3.     REGINA NEWSPAPER PROJECT  (Program currently on hold)

This project has started to read 1920.

Readers – This project requires readers to read microfilms assigned to them for births, deaths, marriages.

Data Entry – Data entry people will be required to enter information that the readers have found into a word processing format.

Proofreaders – Volunteers will be required to proof read the information that has already been processed.

Indexers – Indexers are required to update cemeteries that were previously recorded as well as to record cemeteries that have not been recorded. Indexers are also need to enter the records into the SRI.

Proofreaders –  Volunteers are required to proofread the data that has been indexed for SRI.


For more information on these or other volunteer opportunities, please contact the SGS office at: saskgenealogy@sasktel.net.   Please print and fill out the Volunteer Registration Form and return to SGS.