SGS Branches

The Saskatchewan Genealogical Society was established in 1969, and since that time fourteen Branches have been formed throughout the province of Saskatchewan.

Each Branch is run by local members who volunteer as executive and committee members, and function within the Society’s Constitution and By-Laws.  If you are researching in the area where a branch is located, you are encouraged to become a member and participate in the branch activities.

SGS Branches meet once a month and provide excellent programs, including workshops, guest speakers, and member sharing.  The branches foster fellowship and provide a positive environment to help you with your research.   Join and enjoy the experience.

Many of the branches publish newsletters throughout the year, offering timely and valuable information to assist members.  Also many of the branches have a library, obituary and cemetery collection, and other special collections specific to their area.

Branch Contacts. Check out a branch in your area on the Tourism Saskatchewan map.