About Us


Mission Statement
SGS is a volunteer provincial heritage organization whose purpose is to promote and develop the study, research, and preservation of genealogy and family history. The many programs and services we offer are all designed to achieve our mission.

· Preservation of Saskatchewan records;
· assistance to Saskatchewan residents researching their heritage anywhere;
· assistance to anyone researching their Saskatchewan heritage;
· to be a collective voice of genealogy in the province of Saskatchewan;
· to coordinate all genealogical and family history projects and research in Saskatchewan.

The objectives and goals of Saskatchewan Genealogical Society Inc. (SGS) shall be as outlined in the Society Bylaws (2006):
· Education – Provide encouragement and instruction in scientific and ethical research methods.
· Preservation, Conservation and Collection – Preserve, conserve and collect materials relevant to the study of genealogy and family history.
· Resources – Develop and maintain SGS’s human and financial resources.
· Promotion – Promote and foster the study of genealogy and family history.