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Cemetery Index

Welcome to Saskatchewan Genealogical Society's inventory of cemeteries. This database contains the name and location of over 3,370 cemetery and burial sites in the province. The collecting of burial records for these cemeteries is an ongoing project of SGS.

If the cemetery records have been collected, a date is given showing when the recording was done or last updated, no date in the column indicates the burial records have not yet been collected by SGS.

A date in the SRI column indicates the burial records have been entered into Saskatchewan Residents Index, a database available at SGS.

An earlier card index of the records has been filmed by the Genealogical Society of Utah. A 'Yes' in the FHL Film column indicates the index for this cemetery can be found on film at the LDS Family History Centers. The filmed index is applicable to records collected prior to 1995 and does not include any new records collected since then.

Actual cemetery information is available at the SGS Library. Visit our genealogical research page for our research policy. A request for research must include the Rural Municipality (RM) Number, the RM Cross Reference and the Cemetery Id number.

Where cemetery databases have been located on the Internet, a link to that site is provided for your convenience. SGS has no responsibility for the accuracy of information found on other web sites.

While every effort is made to have information current and accurate, inaccuracies may occur. If you know of any cemetery data in error or not listed, please let us know by email. SGS will continue to update the file.

Click on a link on the left menu bar to access and display cemetery information available in various sorted lists. Please note: the cemetery information is now being extracted from a live database. It may take a short time (1-30 seconds) to display the information after you have submitted a query. Please be patient.  

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